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Who is the Green Amigo?

If  you haven’t yet seen ABC’s War on Waste I highly recommend it… Here is a link to last weeks show:


One of the biggest concerns in our landfill are plastic shopping bags. These bags don’t biodegrade so they are on earth, in our landfill, in our oceans, rivers, bush and farm land forever. They cause massive problems for our sea life and they are just unsightly on our landscape. Many places in the world, including parts of India, have banned the use of plastic shopping bags. I am proud to live in QLD, Australia where they have also created a ban on plastic bags from 2018. Not all states in Australia have done this yet…

The reusable polypropylene bags available for purchase at your local supermarkets need to be used 104 times each for them to give back to the earth what it takes to make them in first place. My own experience with these types of bags is that they break long before 104 uses, and getting to any significant number of uses is hard because they are bulky and get left behind when you go shopping… For a long time I think people just bought new “green bags” each time they went to the supermarket, but slowly that has reduced and plastic bags have made a bit of a comeback. To assist with this issue, I have got together a range of awesome, colourful, strong, reusable shopping bags. I have had one of these particular bags since 2010. My bag has replaced the use of literally hundreds of plastic bags in the time that I have had it because quite simply, it is always with me. It slips right into my hand bag as it folds up into itself nice and small, so I never forget it!  They also have a clip that you can attach to your key ring too if you prefer. I have stocked these particular bags because I can vouch for them personally. There is a Green Amigo branded version coming soon too!

Lots of love,

Green Amigo xx

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