"Green guilt: The knowledge that you could and should be doing more to help preserve the environment."


You can be a Green Amigo too!

If you want to make greener choices but aren't quite ready to throw out the entire contents of your cupboards and start again, (who can afford to do that?) come with us, and just take it one step at a time...

Green Amigo will help you buy better.

Green Amigo is a place to come and browse for greener alternatives to your current products. We might not stock everything you're looking for just yet, but we might know someone who does... or you can ask us to stock it for you and if we can we will. Go shopping!

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Green Amigo will help you learn.

Green Amigo is a safe place for you to come and learn more about the exciting journey you are on to become greener. With regular posts including videos and articles about making greener choices, all in one spot.

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